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I've had no time these past few days! Running around and napping/sleeping in between ;) Still wanna sleep -- still got stuff to do. Last night I was up writing a program until 8am -- and I still didn't get to test it! I kept getting stack over-flow and I was too delusional to fix it. I figured maybe it would work in the school lab. I went to sleep -- woke up and went to school. Didn't work in the lab.

Teacher said that was part of the program -- she wanted us to have a "real-life" experience -- uhuh. She said I needed to reset the stack and make it bigger. Uhuh. I spent an hour googling trying to find some nice copy-paste solution. Didn't work. I ended up just changing the damn thing to use the heap. Then I had TEN minutes to pick up my paycheck and get it in the bank. Bills gotta be paid.

The whole week has been like this.

Next week is the end of the semester -- last final is on Friday. Then work weekend then Florida! With the fam! The C family in a small room for a whole week! Woo! We still do the family vacation every year even though we struggle so hard to get along. Me and my sisters just can't do it. My brother used to always call us the "golden girls" -- asshole. I used to think it was them, but hell -- I guess I'm part of the problem too because I can't carry on a conversation with either of them. This of course stresses us -- and in particular, me -- out. It also stresses mom out. Our vacation is very stressful. I know, it makes no sense.

I'm doing ok -- not particularly spiraling depressed. But I feel a tad on the bad side physically and man I'd love to lay in bed all day. I'm also very lightheaded lately -- slow movements LOL. And of course, I'm very stressed -- always. In fact, I have a billion ulcers in my mouth at the moment -- I'll be happy when this summer is over -- and the vacation is going well (hopefully).

Still LOVING living alone -- I love this apartment. LOVE IT. There's just no way to say it better -- this was such a wonderful decision.

And man I'm looking forward to Christmas. I know that's like 5 months away -- but I know where I'm gonna put the tree and I'm gonna get white icicle lights to put in the window. I'm not sure about presents -- I know I'm not going to have money to buy great elaborate presents, and I don't want to give everyone just "stuff." I thought about doing portraits -- like a family portrait for Tim & Heidi -- and something for mom -- probably me & her -- you know stuff like that. But man that really would take all these 5 months and would they like them? See that's the thing -- I HATE when I spend tons of money and time and they don't even like them. The year I did stained glass? I swore I'd NEVER do that again. But Heidi would love a family portrait. And Hell, I'd love a portrait of me and mom for me! My sisters are too hard to shop for.

Oh and October too! October is my favorite month, you know. Jacks B-day is in October and Halloween! I LOVE halloween! This year I'll DEF have to carve pumpkins -- and I bet I'll get trick-or-treaters too.

I can't wait for fall. The hot months are killing me. You work up a sweat just walking to the car. I want fall! Layered clothes! I'm gonna have such cute clothes this fall. I'll dish out some money to get a really snazzy little everyday jacket. Last week when mom came up to visit, we did a lot of shopping. Ross had this gorgeous suit that was a just-above-the knee skirt and a long jacket -- gorgeously tailored -- and it was a chocolate brown with pin stripes. That's so my style. I don't know if I can peg myself as having a "style" but I bet others would disagree. However dark brown, tailored, pin-stripes, and long jackets are so my style. And it fit like a dream -- I looked so skinny! I wish I had enough extra money to buy it -- I don't need a suit, or a jacket -- but I'd love to get it anyway.

*sigh* I should get to bed -- up super early for work in the morning.


Anonymous ladymerlin said...

told ya youd love the apartment....

1:16 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

And right you were.

1:24 AM  

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