Bath time rambles

I can't seem to remember the last time I gave Jack a bath. Is it time for another? I try to give him a bath every month or so -- less actually -- hes an indoor cat -- that's probably over kill. I just don't want him to be stinky. Today I was scrubbing his water fountain (so it won't get algae) and it occurred to me that maybe it's time to be scrubbing the cat too. I looked through the archives here and can't find mention of his last bath. Did I actually not POST about it? Strange.

Even if it's not time, I think I'll give him and bath and clean the apartment well. Maybe then I'll feel better about myself -- less of a lazy failure at life :)

Man I've been down this week -- feeling sick too -- not too sick, just sick enough to feel slightly crappy but not sick enough to use the excuse of being sick. And finals are next week so naturally that sucks. Wednesday we've all been called into work for a "employee meeting." T just called me and informed me that thats what it is. until now I thought that I was just being called in to get lectured because they think I'm incompetent. Fucking asshole sent out a memo about the mistakes we've been making -- only this particular memo only listed 3 of MY mistakes. A whole office memo to point out that Karen missed an alarm stating that tech hall dropped .3 degrees. I still don't think I even missed it -- if I did, I've fully entered denial and think that maintenance just didn't respond appropriately but I've no way to prove that I did my part of the job. Also someone's car got towed and they decided to blame that on me. So everything else is going wrong -- why not go and lose my job TOO.

Naturally, as always, I was over reacting. Everyones getting called in to go over some things. Part of it is spurred by asshole's memo to the entire department about my very small fuck-up (which EVERYONE has mentioned to me making me want to die or kill someone, not sure which -- it's like the fucking TPS reports. Did you get the memo?) Though the REAL reason we're having this meeting is because one of the other dispatchers fucked up BIG time. See we run people who get pulled over through the FBIs database to see if they're bad criminal types or just an idiot -- then we get back a report of what was found in the database. Naturally, this being a computer system, it's not perfect. Sometimes it'll send back warrants on someone with a similar last name, or the same birthday or something -- so you have to read and make sure that this is the correct person, right? Well, this guy claims that no one ever told him that could happen...

So the other night, someone was pulled over on campus for some lame traffic violation -- probably super lame -- and they kinda got arrested because he kinda didn't take the time to read the name of the person the warrant came back for. Uhuh. So basically, he had someone handcuffed, read their rights, thrown in the back of a police car and totally arrested -- because he didn't read the name on the warrant. Now the department's probably gonna get sued because you can't just go around arresting people for no reason.

Well, I actually kinda found it funny -- then again, I wasn't involved...

So thats why we have to all come in on a Wednesday night to "go over" some things. I can't believe I thought it was because I missed the fact that Tech Hall just dropped .3 degrees and I didn't call a MOD. They make such a big fucking deal about THAT when this guys going around having students arrested for no reason? So wrong. I didn't see an office memo about THAT.


Gotta go to FBI school tomorrow and Thursday. It's in decatur -- and apparently I actually have to take a test at the end. I figure this is going to be like driving school, only 4 times as long. I'll let you know.

The end of a semester in school always sucks so THAT's stress. Family vacation coming up -- do I even need to mention that that's causing stress? Didn't think so. Putting any of my family together in a small location for more than a hour or 2 is ALWAYS trouble. Yet we still take family vacations... At least I'll get a tan. And I won't be so fat this year either. I'm so taking a camera so I can have pics of my new smaller cuter butt on the beach.

Oh, and I still wish I could just stay in bed all week. Literally -- all week. No school -- no work -- no employee meetings -- no grades - no people - no bills - no homework -- no programs - no "life" - no relationships (or lack-there-of) -- just a soft bed, nice cool air-conditioning, and the cat.

Oh yeah, I was going to give him a bath wasn't I? Man, talk about distracted.


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