Another post about the cat. I know, I need a life.

Remember how I bought Jack a water fountain because he discovered that if he continuously head-butted his last water-feeder, it would flood the carpet? Well now hes knocking this one over and flooding the kitchen. He's done it 3 times.

So I can't give him a bowl of water. I can't use a water dispenser. And I can't use a water fountain. How the fuck am I supposed to give the little shit water? He better get over this cause I paid 30 dollars for that water fountain.

Maybe I can use duck tape...

On an unrelated note, I think I'm heading towards OCD on cleaning the apartment. Is that bad or good? I already did the dishes so after I wash clothes, dust, vacuum, and scrub everything -- it's movie night. Another Kevin Spacey movie came in the mail today! *claps*


Blogger Tel said...

Kevin Spacey is fabulous! He's awesome in the new Superman!

You need to get a roll of that non-slip stuff that you'd usually put in your cupboards. Put that under it and see if he head butts it!

8:40 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

holy shit -- that is such a good idea! I was gonna duck tape it to the floor. I'll try that first -- I'm going to the store tomorrow anyway.

And *swoon* I'm loving Kevin Spacey right now. He's the only reason i want to see superman -- usually I'd totally pass -- but Kevin Spacey is it!

Tonight was "K-Pax." The previous movie nights were "Ordinary Decent Criminal" "Pay it Forward" "The Ref" & "The Life of David Gale." Next up: "The Negotiator" & "The Usual Suspects." Then I also gotta get "Beyond the Sea" "The Big Kahuna" "Consenting Adults" "Hulyburly" "The Shipping News" & "Swimming with Sharks." They're all in my Net Flix queue. Any recommendations on which of those sucks and which are good?

Do you think those rumors about Spacey being gay are true? I'd totally fuck Kevin Spacey -- even if he was gay.

1:03 AM  
Blogger Tel said...

Kevin has a myspace page - you should look for it. He says NO, he's NOT gay. *shrug*

I've seen The Life of David Gale - I rented it because I would like to have Kate Winslet's baby. I haven't seen any of the rest. Swimming With Sharks is fierce - he's such an a--hole in that movie.

Sounds like you've got a full Netflix queue! :)

1:20 AM  
Blogger Karen said...

Alright, I just spent over 45 minutes searching for this fabled "Kevin Spacey's myspace page." I think you're playing a cruel trick on me...

He's only 47. That's only 1 year over twice my age. I might have a shot...

2:24 AM  

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