2 Things after watching a news update on the Israel/Lebenon mess

1. If enemies of my country were flying over and dropping pamplets warning me to get out and at least 25 miles from the border, my ass is out -- immediatly. They were showing what looked like college-age kids picking them up and laughing. Not a laughing matter, folks. Get your ass out. Anyone left behind is a moron. Let the armies handle that shit.

2. I love how army equipment and such is designed for morons to use quick and fast without reading the manual. They just showed a tank drive by with a big ass arrow on the side. “---> FRONT” “---> GUN” LOL I know it’s not funny, but it kinda is. Sadly you need to be able to glance at the thing having never seen it before in a field of smoke and debris and know that that is the front. Sad but true. Billions of dollars of sophisticated military equipment labeled so a retard could figure it out.


Blogger M. said...

Maybe the controls are like the registers at McDonalds: pictures on all the buttons.

12:10 PM  

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