10 reasons why today is a good day even though I just spent 41 dollars on gas for my car.

1. It was gas for my DREAM CAR.

2. I have air conditioning (in both the car and the apartment).

3. Last night I realized that I've lost even more weight.

4. Jack is the coolest cat ever.

5. I get to come home to my apartment -- my wonderful, peaceful, comfy, and clean very own apartment. Life just doesn't suck nearly as much since I moved here.

6. A new Kevin Spacey movie came in the mail today. Movie Night!

7. I'm having a good hair day.

8. I had to fess up and ask the stupidest question ever in class... only it turned out to be the smartest best most perceptive question ever -- cause I rock.

9. All my bills for the month & rent for next month are paid & I even got to treat myself to some new tops.

10. Tel called me her "new pal." & I got a shoutout from m too.


Blogger Tel said...

How could your day get any better?

7:48 PM  
Blogger M. said...

Thank Old Navy ^_^

4:01 AM  

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