You know how I live across the street from a gas station? Well now look at this:

Now I live right across from Huntsville's newest dance club: The Horse. Lord don't let my family find out about this.

I saw the lights on my way home tonight and thought those looked a lot like they were coming from where I lived... So I drove up the road to the dead end -- where I've been trying to figure out what that building up there is... Turns out that thats where the lights were coming from -- and it's all lit up in neon and PACKED (this was at midnight). That karaoke bar and "beer garden" where you can munch on appetizers does sound like something I kinda want to check out though. Of course I'm not the type to check those things out -- nor do I have anyone to check it out with... but I think I'll keep that in the corner of my mind...

Here's another article about it. If it used to be such a famous and 'legendary' nightclub then how come I've asked a ton of people what that building was and no one could tell me? This article plays it up to have more a restaurant though -- maybe I will check that out then...


Anonymous ladymerlin said...

because it used to be the #1 gay club in town ;)

12:52 AM  
Anonymous karen said...


1:04 AM  

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