White Gold: 12 cents/lb

Today I bought almost 2lbs of salt for 22 cents. That's 2 entire pounds of brand name Morton salt... for less than a quarter (regular price) -- and thats after packaging and advertising. Wow. This stuff used to be money. I was so surprised by the price that I wanted to buy lots -- What if we have a national salt shortage and the prices shoot up like gasoline? I could make millions!

A few facts about Salt:

  • Salt's preservative ability was a foundation of civilization. It eliminated dependency on the seasonal availability of food, allowed travel over long distances, and was a vital food additive.

  • Until the 1900s, salt was one of the prime movers of national economies and wars.

  • Merchants in 12th century valued salt enough to buy it for its weight in gold

  • Two uses for a time machine:

  • Taking conveniently packaged 1lb containers and large bags of Mortons salt to the past to trade for gold.

  • Going back in time to buy cheap gasoline and sell it at a premium to todays busy travelers... for exactly 5 cents less than the next cheapest gas station.


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