Throwing things at the TV at 1am

I can't tell if it's a lovable quirk or a very sad thing that I stay up late petting the cat, yelling and throwing things at my television.

I've really got to stop watching all these shows on gastric bypass surgery that come on the health channel. First, this woman had hers done open -- there is no reason I can see to have a big ass scar and a wide open stomach when you can choose to have 5 tiny little holes instead (feel free to correct me). Second, she had this done in Tennessee -- she should have drove an hour south and let one of the top bariactric surgeons in the country do it -- research, people.

However the thing that makes me want to SCREAM is that they all lose SO MUCH MORE and FASTER than me. 2 months and she lost 70lbs. 110 in 6 months. Where's something to throw? Jack, bring a toy to throw at the bitch.

And they were giving her water to drink when she woke up -- they made me wait 24 hours before I could even have an ounce! Life is so unfair.

I'm bitter. I admit it.


Anonymous Leah said...

One of the ladies in my church had gastric bypass done, and she has lost no weight at all. In fact, she might have gained weight. At least you are on the losing side of it (and, remember, the nurse did say you're firmly in the average weight loss camp). They put those people on TV b/c their performance is out of the ordinary and better than most people.

12:47 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thanks for pointing out that the TV people are above average --- thats a good point I guess. Are we sure thats true? Theyd still air the journy of a average person if they were filming it -- its not like they know when they start that shes gonna drop 100 pounds in a few months.

And DUDE -- how is it possible to not lose ANY weight? I feel so sorry for her! Is she just constantly eating or something? Man if I hadn't lost ANY I'd want to kill my self. I can't imagine. Poor thing.

2:53 PM  

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