A Sarah Mood

I'm in a Sarah (Mclachlan) mood right now. Her music fits my mood perfectly. Not sure why -- I haven't listened to her in forever but last night the lyrics came to me. I guess it's so cliche and cheesy when song lyrics resonate with you -- but then it's cheesy and cliche because it happens a lot.

Not that I'm wholly in a "poor me" mood that we all know I love to hang out in. I've had a great week -- felt really good about some things. Sure there's lots of stress -- but with this new place it's like every things changed. It's just different -- it's not so bad anymore. And while that part of me is trying to be positive and live and I hate to say - "move on" - but there's the other part of me that is just so sad. And not just a "downer sad" -- but a dead kinda sad. A seemingly fatal and unrecoverable sadness that I feel like I'll never be rid of.

But every thing's fixable, right?


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