Pet Smart burns

I just caught a news story on a fire at the Pet Smart down the road. It's really sad that they were unable to save all the animals -- very sad actually, I'm not heartless.

Though when the News Anchor ended the story with "A hamster and 2 birds died in that fire." In the exact same serious, monotone way she would have said it had it been the death count on a school shooting... Well, Ok -- I admit -- that made me want to laugh. It was exactly like a parody you'd expect from Will Ferrel or SNL. It's like the follow-up to the water skiing squirrel or the Panda watch.

Now we just need to know when the memorial service and viewing of the dead hamster are and we'll be all set.

Maybe I should go put up a little white cross and some flowers in the parking lot. ...If someone hasn't already. HAHA

I'm sorry. Don't hate me.


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