New Shoes

New Shoes
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Look at the sexy new shoes I just bought! The pink ones match my hair. And the boots were just too good to pass up -- FIVE DOLLARS! Regular 80. They're trying to get rid off their inventory of odd sized boots -- a million pairs of size 5, 5 & 1/2, and 6. If I were only a size 6 -- I'd have bought every style they had. But they have them because no one has such tiny little feet -- so they're all 5 dollars each. And In rummaging through the piles -- I found ONE size 9. Just one. It was these boots. I bought them.

I can't walk in heels... yet. Everyone tells me that I just have to practice -- that no one could do it at first. So now, when I'm home -- I shall wear the sexy black boots (and cross my legs -- cause I can so do that all the time now with no trouble at all).

I never could buy loads of shoes before -- I HATED shoe shopping. But now that I've lost 2+ shoes sizes, it's a bit more rewarding. And I was always too fat for heels -- now I need to suck it up and learn to walk in them. They totally make your ass look great. And the boots -- they totally fit and zip up! Cause I have skinny ankles now. Isn't it weird? Neither of these shoes look like shoes I'd have -- well, they are now! I'm gonna declare the pink ones every day shoes. I'm going to wear them with my t-shirts and jeans when I go to class. Why? BECAUSE I CAN.


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