Me 13 months post-op
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So I was taking some pics of myself to show my pink hair but it didn't show up in the pictures (god only knows how it didnt). But holy shit -- look how not horribly obese and non-ugly I look. Wow. Thats 221lbs and that's my new old navy outfit -- XL shirt and 18 jeans. Not bad. I'm impressed. Now if only I looked so good in real life. I'm totally date-able.

On a psychological note -- my mood has increased quite a bit. I feel a lot better. But my anxiety is acting up BIG time. And not general anxiety -- but the social anxiety. I went to run errands today and I swear I heard 4 people make comments about me and everyone was staring. Now, I know the hair draws attention -- I also know that rationally, I'm not the center of everyones conversation and attention. I know that I was only THINKING that 200 people were mocking me and declaring that I was too ugly to be allowed in public... but I still wanted to run home and hide anwyay. Rationality tells me that I really need to hit the psychiatrist up about this.


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