The Lake House : Two thumbs up!

I really wanted to see "The Lake House" (with Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bulock) -- and when I found myself with a few hours to kill this afternoon, I decided to go.

Wow, am I glad I went. I expected it to be "ok." A good movie, but nothing special. Man -- it was so much better than I expected! I'm going to have to buy this on DVD. I was crying at a few points -- and there are so many things that are just unexpected and catch you off guard -- tons of heart wrenching moments. When the movie was over -- you just heard everyone sniffling. I had to sit there for a minute and wipe off the tears. What an unexpected hit!

Excellent movie -- I highly recommend it. I want to talk to someone about it! But I don't want to give anything away either. It's so much more than just a romance story -- so worth the price of a movie ticket. Go see it!

Oh and before I go: the only bad points: 1. Keanu Reeves crying -- wasn't working for me. 2. Keanu Reeves playing a construction worker. No one with a face and body like that wants to be nothing more than a construction worker -- sorry. 3. Don't question the time thing too much -- just go with it and enjoy the movie.


Anonymous Leah said...

glad to hear, b/c I really want to see this movie. I'm even contemplating going alone b/c I don't know anyone who will go see it with me.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous karen said...

Oh you should! I went alone. I already kinda want to see it again LOL Really, I think that was one of the best movies I've seen in a very long time. I was really caught up in it -- allow yourself to get caught up in it.

And keep in mind, I don't always love romance movies -- I usually don't even care to see them. I worte this post before I read a single review on it because I wanted it to be my opinions and most of the time, I'll love a movie then read a ton of horrible reviews about it and feel self concious about recommending it. But this movie I loved -- and it has a lot of great reviews out there too. So it's not just me!

Go see it -- then you can IM me and we can talk about it LOL

11:28 PM  

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