iTunes has entered my brain... and I'm kinda OK with it

Tonight I was browsing around on the iTunes Music Store -- great waste of time BTW, if you've never done it. It can suck hours from your life and you'll never even notice. Tonight I saw a box with a bunch of songs I liked so I went "ooooo whats that?" Well, it was the "Just For You" section which is supposed to attempt to recommend songs for me -- songs it thinks I will like. So I decided to check it out.

Holy shit. iTunes totally knows me. Lots of the songs it recommended I already have or I already know -- but even the ones I've never heard of are good. And it recommended lots of song I like from the radio too. I'm so impressed. What a nifty feature!

PS: I totally want to marry the lead singer of Dishwalla in their Opaline phase. I say marry in place of something much more vulgar.


Anonymous Leah said...

Did you manage to get all your ipod music back on to your harddrive?

2:21 AM  
Anonymous karen said...

Yes :) I used a program called PodUtil that retrieved everything and even rebuilt my playlists. I guess thats the only good thing that came from that horrid comment thread.

2:38 AM  
Anonymous Leah said...

heck, I could have recommended podutil w/o the longass comment thread. That's what my brother uses to move music around (and what I'll be using as soon as I get a new computer, b/c I've got music on my ipod from friends' computers).

1:00 PM  

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