I can be so mean

"You know he got robbed in Russia right? -- Had like 300 dollars cash in his wallet."


"He was walking around Russia with 300 dollars cash in his pocket. I had no sympathy -- I was like, dude, why didn't you have travelers checks? And he said because Russia was just like the US with ATMs and shit. But hell, I'D get travels checks if I was going to California!"

"Right, and that's in your own country."

"Exactly -- and not to be mean here -- but I can kick someone's ass -- he's only got one good arm. What the hell's he going to do? You can tell just by looking at him that he's got no sense."


"No I'm serious -- some people you can just look at them and tell that they're a dumbass -- that's a fact. He's an anorexic American tourist with stupid written all over him AND he's a fucking gimp with 300 dollars cash in his pocket. Why doesn't he just spray paint a target on his ass? ... He's a fucking piñata"


Anonymous Leah said...

seriously, you'd get traveler's checks to go to California? I've never gotten a traveler's check for any of my travels, domestic or abroad. Then again, I also try not to carry too much cash around, but I think I've had up to $200 in my wallet at one time (usually I withdraw the max -- $200 -- and then hide most of it in my luggage and hope it doesn't get stolen). You just have to be savvy about where you are and what you're carrying.

2:40 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

If I had hundreds of dollars? Fuck yes I would. Travelers checks are as easy to use as personal checks and even easier to get -- they cost me nothing, but if they are stolen, I get every cent back. They're win win win win.

In reality though, I'd probably not have more than 50 dollars cash on me if I went, because I'd use checks and my debit card in California. But if I planned on taking a large sum of cash with me to last the trip -- you can bet your ass it would be in travelers checks and I'd have the numbers recorded at home, in my wallet, and also in my suitcase.

Hell, I wouldn't walk around Alabama with that much cash on me -- it's just stupid. And RUSSIA where the guy sticks out like a sore thumb? What he did was just moronic.

2:52 PM  
Anonymous Leah said...

I don't find traveler's checks easy -- ATMs are three trillion times easier. With a traveler's check, you have to worry about when the bank is open and all the jazz, and then you have to know which banks will change them. I think I'll stick with my ATM and just be careful when I travel. I've not had a problem yet *knock on wood*

Besides, I guarantee that anyone mugging me would get value no matter how much cash I was carrying, b/c I always have my expensive digital camera and other nice stuff with me when I travel.

5:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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