Fudge-covered grahamy goodness

I was in the store the other day (yeah, THATS fascinating) and looking at all the good treats that I can't have because I'm fat and not losing weight and my god cookies are heavenly but really I should avoid them. And I saw chocolate covered graham cookies. MY GOD! How longs it been since I had one of those? YUM! So I picked them up to look at the nutritional information. Serving: 1 cookie (you mean not the whole row?). Fat grams: 12. 12? TWELVE! Twelve grams of fat in 1 cookie. 1. ONE! My lord -- what'd they do -- cut off a hunk of fat, flavor it like a graham cracker and dip in in chocolate fat? What the hell? I guess I could go without eating all day and just have a few of these.

You know how they have to make high calorie meals for the military? Don't give them that crap -- just give them some fucking Keeblers.


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