Finally! Pictures of my new apartment!

Finally! Pictures of my new apartment! Go look (this link should be the first picture in the series - they dont have their own set) -- I don't have anyone to show it off to, so someone needs to go look. Isn't it AWESOME?

I can't believe I almost didn't move here. This was such a hard decision and I can't believe I might have chosen to stay in South East. To say I love it is a huge understatement. It's so weird -- something I've never felt before. I know it sounds cliche, but my home is like my "haven" now. Instead of dreading going home to my lonely existence with a roommate I hate who is always watching me and annoying me constantly -- I love coming home. I love it here -- everything about it. I love that it's mine. Everything is where I want it and where I left it -- and its there because I put it there because thats where I wanted it. And there's so much space! I've been in a tiny little room for so long -- and now I've got a whole huge apartment! I've got a kitchen to cook in and table to eat at. I've got a great living room to hang out in and then when it's bed time -- I go to my BEDROOM. Which has nothing but my bed and clothes -- exactly how I wanted it. My bedroom is a place to sleep -- nothing else. I know I have noisy annoying neighbors -- but I feel so peaceful here. I'm telling you, it's all so cliche -- but I'm serious. I LOVE it here. It's such a huge change and I was so scared to make it -- but it's turned out so wonderfully. I look forward to coming home -- I love being here.

And notice all the space I have to entertain ;) There's a futon if yall want to come down! I'll make dinner :)

*Link to first in the series of pictures - they were in order but flickr fucked that up*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cute apartment. :-)

And I agree with you, after living with a roommate for several years, I abso-freakin love living on my own. I don't know if I will ever share my space again! ha!!

Enjoy your place!

6:45 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Thank ya :)

^ Look! A Stranger likes my apartment. I have suceeded in life. if this work shift would ever end, I could go home to that apartment...

8:25 PM  

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