Be warned: When I get bored, I start looking around to see what I could possibly paint.

(Re)Painted Windows
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Last night I was a little down, so I decided to do what the psychiatrist tells me to and to do something for me. So I thought I should do something artsy that will make me happy. I should paint something. What should I paint?

Also, earlier in the day, Steph had asked me to paint her a window. I asked her for suggestions as to the style and colors, and all she could give me was "dark colors and cool." And I started thinking of things I could do that were dark and cool -- BTW, Steph -- I've already got a great idea in mind. And of course I realized that I wanted my own windows to be more bold and more ornate. I've painted some awesome windows for others -- mine should look as good. So when I decided to paint something, it was a very short leap to deciding on my windows.

This is how it came out. I can't say if I'm happy with it or not -- I want to live with it a few days before I decide. I can say that I like this much better than how they were before. I want them to be big and bold and incorporate some sort of scrollwork but be simple -- not cluttered. This is a very dark blue background (I was aiming for night sky) with a hand drawn "bat-wing" scroll done in white and copper. If I change anything, it will the the pattern - not the color. If I decide that I'm not happy with this, then I'll do a quick over coat to get rid of the current pattern and do something more involved. In stead of hand painting something, I might use rulers and such to lay out something, or maybe even print a stencil from an existing pattern I can find online. Or who knows -- maybe I'll leave it as is.. until I decide to change it again ;)


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