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I've had tons I could post about this week, but I haven't made myself sit down and think enough to actually write something. So here goes a catch up post.

1) I got a D on a test I got back on Monday. I did not deserve this D. Out of the entire test -- every single answer was 100% correct. The problem was that on TWO questions, I didn't do the math the way she wanted (note, I did clear math explaining where my answers came from, but apparently I didn't use the correct method). I was pissed. I stayed after class to discuss this with the teacher. Turns out shes just a total bitch. I'm contemplating going over her head. How is that worth knocking my grade down to a D? Actually, it was worth knocking my grade down to an F -- failing -- but after she scaled the grades, It became a 65. Bitch.

2) I have decided that Java is officially the best programming language out there. I know this is a highly debated topic with hot heads on both sides, but I have found a simple indisputable argument as to why Java is the best. K, ready? It's the cutest. By cutest, I mean cleanest -- look at the terms it uses. First -- Java -- what a fucking cute name. How can you compare the word "Java" to "C" or "C++"? You can't. Second, it has the best logo -- the cup of coffee. Argue with that. Third -- "Java Beans." Java. Beans. HA! How fucking cute. And an archive file that holds everything you need? It's a ".jar." And Applets! The whole thing. Java wins -- it's all about the packaging.

3) I had lunch with a hottie from my Java class. He's got a girlfriend but I still had a great afternoon with him -- we have a ton of similar interests. He knew my car too. I thought that was funny until he pointed out that he'd notice any car with an Apple logo in the window. Good point -- I'd probably notice it too.

4) I had my neighbors over for dinner the other night -- it was so much fun cooking for everybody! I've already got plans to have a guy from work and his girlfriend over for dinner -- and then another lady I met is going to come over for dinner one night too. Playing house is fun!

5) I ordered Jack a new collar. It's black and is embroidered in white with "Jack" and my phone number. Love it.

6) The other night, my toilet totally started over flowing. Well I didnt have a plunger so I went to the walmart down the street to get one and spent like an hour trying to track down the ONE plunger in the entire fucking store -- and then, I'm so poor that I don't have enough to get it -- I had to CHARGE IT. That's just pathetic. Thank God I get paid Friday.

7) I've decided to start having movie nights. As in a night I plan ahead of time to cook a good dinner, and lay down on my floor with the cat and watch a movie with no distractions. So far I've had 2. The first was "The Life of David Gale." This is now one of my favorite movies ever. I'm serious. I can't say enough about it and sound intelligent so I won't even try -- but the critic reviews on the movie are bullshit -- if you read them, their problems were all about the politics in the movie. The movie is EXCELLENT. This led me to restore my obsession with Kevin Spacey. So the next movie night was "Pay it Forward." Which I thought was really good too. I really want to go to England and see Kevin Spacey in a Play now -- that's where he lives and does plays. I have to go see one -- he better keep doing them long enough for me to be able to afford the trip.

8) I finally signed up for Net Flix. I'm on the 2 out-at-a-time plan. The first 8 movies in my cue star Kevin Spacey. If you'd like to recommend movies and have Net Flix, drop me an email and I'll add you to my "friends." That way you can see my movie ratings and I can see yours. I highly recommend "The Life of David Gale."

9) I've been super down for the past few days. I wasn't sure if it was just my emotions -- or if it's the switching of the psych meds. I'm at the point in life where I just honestly don't know LOL. This is why I was THRILLED to start my period today. It was just PMS! I was actually super excited about that -- it means I'm not spiraling down a black pit! Yay!

10) I've been saving my bread scraps to feed the ducks. Today I finally decided I had enough and went to feed them. I met a wonderful woman there relaxing at the lake. We ended up talking for 3 hours. It was totally a God thing -- God brought us together. It was one of those conversations that I don't even want to tell anyone about because it was that awesome. She really restored my hope. I think that's why I met her. My faith has been decent, but I've been losing hope -- which is losing faith -- and she really picked me back up. For all I know, she could have been an Angel in disguise. I guess I'll find out when she comes over for dinner next week ;)


Anonymous Leah said...

you should definitely contact some higher authority about that grade (dept chair, dean of students, something). That's f'ed up.

6:06 PM  

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