Time for another go

I’ve been in a rather bad mood all day. Really it’s spurred because I’ve been very down today – just depressed. I feel kinda bad admitting that when I’ve got so many good things going for me right now. But I’ve been very sad all day which has progressed to me being pissy.

I’m going to start taking Paxil. Whats this -- round 7 on the meds? I’ve been wanting to get off Effexor for a while now – I can’t remember if I mentioned that or not. It doesn’t have the full effect that it had before I had the surgery – I need a higher dose but I refuse to go any higher because that’s an obnoxiously high dose and lord knows I could never afford it. Plus I get so sick when I miss a dose – I don’t like that – it makes me feel crazy.

Though I’m infinitely better than I would be if I were on nothing – so maybe I shouldn’t mess with a good thing? Who knows – we shall see. I’m afraid I’ll get depressed and have anxiety attacks during the switch or that I’ll get super sick (before I got used to it, I was very sick – as in running a fever dog sick). And what if Paxil doesn’t work for me? Zoloft and Cymbalta didn’t. I’ve got to find a balance between something that works, something my body will absorb well enough, and something I can afford. I hate to admit it, but the “something I can afford” is unfortunately the number 1 priority – not my health LOL

When ever I can afford to get this filled, I’m going to start taking a very tiny dose of Paxil – something like 15mg. That’s in addition to the Effexor which won’t change. Once I get used to that and if I do BETTER and not worse – then we shall up the Paxil a bit and drop the Effexor a bit. Per my request, we’re going to do it very slowly. Only problem is that this will be very expensive because I’ll have THREE prescriptions to pay 100% for. And is Paxil even going to be cheaper than Effexor? I’m not sure…

I’m going to try it though in an effort to get to a point where anxiety attacks aren’t even in the picture and maybe I’ll be happy that I have an awesome place to live and my dream car :)

Here we go again…


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