Thought Vomit

So I know -- well, think -- I'm past the dye your whole head pink phase/age, but how about just some pink streaks at the front? I kinda want to leave my hair almost all brown and just dye the very front a color. Perhaps just blond? Or is that look way out of date and ugly?

At least I don't have to deal with that whole "what will people/my friends think!?" question because I have no people and I have no friends. So hell, I can totally do whatever I want ;) I wish hair people were open on Mondays -- I always seem to get the kick to have it dyed on a Monday. But they're closed because they work on Saturdays so they take Monday off.

I'm heading back to Huntsvile tonight. I really suppose I could wait till tomorrow but I'm sleeping on Moms couch so I have no "me space" so I think I'd get a better nights sleep at my place. Of course I feel selfish in this even though I know I shouldn't. And who says I'll sleep better? I might lay in bed and stare at the shadows fearing that ANY SECOND that guy from hell raiser will jump out at me and mumble something about a box I shouldn't have opened.


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