Yesterday I went to old navy hunting for some new clothes. We all know I always needed clothes and now that my old ones don’t fit, I need them 10 fold. I spotted the cutest little sundress by the door. I’m not one to wear skirts or dresses – but we’re going to change that to “wasn’t” because now I’m a hundred pounds smaller. So I tried it on and OMG it was SO cute. Mom loved it too. And when I came out of the dressing room to find mom, a lady in the store even told me how cute it was. And do you know what? I tried on a 2x and it was too big. I needed a 1x. And please do note that that isn’t a 1x in plus sizes – that’s a in-front-of-old-navy-by-the-door 1x (yes, there really is a difference). My goal is a large top and size 14 bottoms. I’m a 1x top and 18 bottoms right now. Yay! (Of course I’ve also stopped losing weight so I might very well not lose any more. My sister is trying to convince me to get on diet pills, which is ruining any self confidence I’d like to start building. Especially since her compliment when I said I was down to 222 was that that was the size she was in thanksgiving before she went on her diet. So that was the size she was when she decided to go on a hard core 7 month diet. That’s not much of a compliment, thanks).

I’m to the size where minorities think I’m cute. Yes, I know that’s racist – but you’ll survive. I’ve had 2 guys gawk and hoot at me when I was driving m little beetle. That’s impressive – right? Not that they were white or my age, but still. Mexicans also seem to find me attractive. Not the cute-sexy-accent Mexicans but the illegal-and-can’t-speak-a-lick-of-English Mexicans. You know, when I worked at Steak & Ale, I had a crush on one of the Mexican waiters – he has the sexiest accent and said “Aye yi yi” all the time. But alas, he didn’t like me.

Oh wait, I got distracted. I didn’t buy the sundress. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to pay 40 bucks for it at the moment. Mom says she’ll keep and eye out for them to get marked down though. I did buy a pair of Old Navy blue jeans though (not on sale so it hurt, but I don’t have a pair of jeans that fits, and lord knows I need blue jeans). My sister who lost a bunch of weight also gave me some practically new khakis and a pair of green khakis. So I have pants!

Shopping for clothes is so much less painful now. I mean it’s not great yet, but it’s not painful. And shopping for bras is fun! No trying on and such a huge selection of pretty ones. I know that I really should buy a smooth beige color – but I can’t make myself – not when there are ones that look like they’re made out of pink ribbon!

And now that my feet have shrunk almost THREE sizes, buying shoes is super fun too! I can’t walk in heels because I’ve never taught myself & practiced – and I still feel that I’m a bit big for them, but man – I tried on some of the sexiest red heeled sandals yesterday. *swoon* If I had a guy, I’d buy them for dates where I didn’t do much walking – and by “much” I mean, we’re at home watching a movies and he’ll grab me a drink if I want it ;) And lord, heels make you legs and ass look so good – no wonder everyone wears them. If I meet my goal – I’m going on a heel shopping spree and I’ll wear them around the house until I feel like I’m not going to topple over every step.

PS: I really want that cute little sundress. Also, I know that this is a horribly boring and long post. I wouldn't read it if I saw it on someones blog. I'm sorry.


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