Polish guy takes it!

I havn't been religiously following ABC's "American Inventor" but I have caught a few shows here and there. I knew from the beginning that the Polish guy deserved to win and I was gonna gripe to high heaven if he didn't.

He won!

Congrats to Mr. Janusz Liberkowski for winning with his "Anecia" (a revolutionary new car seat)! I'm so psyched that he won -- they better hurry up and get that thing approved and on the market cause I'm SO BUYING that when I have a kid. I'm serious. The whole thing is AMAZING and a totally new concept in car safety. He deserved to win. I wanted him to win because I think his product needs to get on the market. I'm totally serious about buying one when I have a kid. And dude, his commercial brought a tear to my eye -- he was so right in screwing the ad company and going out on his own.

And if you are wondering: YES, I totally voted for him. I voted for him 4 times (the max was 5). I spent like 40 minutes trying to get through those 4 times too -- but it was important. Screw american idol -- this guys invention can save my future kids life and I'd have been damned if a board game was going to win over him.

Go polish guy!


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