A note from work

Just to let you know, if you're ever at UAH late at night or early in the morning especially on the weekend -- use the elevators at your own risk. I say this because the idiot supposedly working the front desk at CCRH is apparently not there or is choosing to ignore your alarm and cries for help. This leaves you with one more option -- the emergency phone which calls me. Now I could usually be of more help I suppose -- except that maitenance isn't on duty yet and the manager on call refuses to answer his god damn cell phone and the elevator company needs my account number like I fucking own the damn thing. So I'll dispatch you an officer while I call my supervisor and beg for help -- but he doesn't have an elevator key, so all he can really do is keep you company. But I'm gonna go ahead and do that even though hes trying to TURF it to maitenence because if I personally were stuck in an elevator at CCRH, I'd want someone to talk to.

BTW, you should know those things break down like every other day -- there really should be a warning on the door that says "use at your own lazy risk."

Its great that you're not claustrophobic or anything though. And apparently you don't watch a lot of horror movies - cause I'd be kinda scared if I were you. And to answer that annoying voice in your head -- yeah, you really should have stayed in bed this morning. I mean who the fuck is awake at 7AM on Sunday anyway?

But hang in there buddy, I got your back. Call me if you start to have a panic attack or something, because I might get in trouble for it -- but if I have to, I'll just call the damn fire department. I'm pretty sure the fire department has a universal elevator key or something.


Anonymous steph said...

hehehe yeah that happens a lot in those elevators...and people wondered why i always took the stairs....

4:41 PM  

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