Must. Get. Internet.

I somehow justified coming to a computer lab across town to check my email. Well, I'm over here anyway to pick up my paycheck and Tech Hall is RIGHT THERE. I mean it wouldn't hurt just to run in and check it? Right? The fact that I never get any real email is totally moot because what if this is the one time that I did? What if someone sent me something totally important and I havn't seen it because I havn't checked my email in 2 days? TWO DAYS.

This just proves that it will totally be worth 60 dollars a month to have wireless highspeed at my apartment. Mmmm. I'm drooling at the thought. I'll be okay though because this weekend I'll get paid to sit in front of a computer with highspeed access for 16 hours. I should get my fix in.

Oh and BTW, gas is way cheaper over here (2.70 as opposed to 2.86) and I had to wait in a line of cars to get gas at this cheap station. Then when it's finally my turn -- what happens? I accidently got PREMIUM. 2-fucking-90. And not just a little -- I filled the fucking tank. Someone hit me.

[PS -- I took pictures of my place to post -- I'll do that tomorrow while I'm at work]


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