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Well, I moved Sunday. Apparently God was not happy with Sunday as a moving day because He seemed to have spited it in every way possible. The weather was beyond bad. Turns out that ALL of my family came to help which was super awesome – No one ever comes to visit (except for mom) so even though we had to move, I was psyched to get to visit with everyone. Of course we all have instant tempers (I’d say quick, but instant is more like it) so everyone was in a horrible mood and there was much snapping and yelling. In fact it was so much fun that, on my second trip to Walmart in 30 minutes, I called Steph to cry and tell her how bad it was going which was met with pure unadulterated laughter from her end. I’m glad SOMEONE found it all amusing because I’m still freaking out about it.

I did write everyone thank you cards though – I’ll mail them when I get a chance. I felt horrible that it was so much work because I have so much stuff. I tried to be a gracious host – I had bought plenty of drinks (even soda which I can’t drink) and made brownies and sausage rolls to snack on. It didn’t help.

My apartment is beyond awesome. In fact it is so awesome that I feel really bad. I don’t deserve such a nice place. I also feel bad that I’m the youngest with an awesome apartment and neither of my sisters live on their own. I just feel really bad, you know? And everyone kept saying things like “wow, most ADULTS don’t have places nearly this nice.” Which made me feel worse because it’s so true. And mom tells me to just enjoy it because the world would be a pretty bad place if we got what we REALLY deserved (which is kinda like a backhanded comment in a way) – but it’s kinda hard to enjoy it when you feel so guilty and don’t have anyone to share it with.

Though that said, I’ve spent 2 nights there alone and I absolutely LOVE it. I’ve got to get pictures up when I get a chance. And I love having so much SPACE. MY space. Love it.

Anyone want to visit? I wish I had someone to visit and show it off to. Plus I’ve got a couch AND a futon so there’s tons of room for guests to sleep over.

And the furniture is dry now.

Yes, all the furniture (which is borrowed) came up from Birmingham… in the pouring rain. It was drenched. Actually, “drenched” doesn’t begin to describe it. Everyone and everything was just soaked. And tempers were flaring left and right. At one point, my sister just screamed at me for no reason. I had to fight back crying. I wanted it to be a happy time -- my own place! And to have fun unpacking and placing things – but it wasn’t. Everyone INSISTED on staying until every box was unpacked. So instead of it being a fun process, it was just everyone yelling about where does this go and why do I need this – and how they never had this much stuff when THEY were in college. And dad has been awesome – like hes a completely different guy (well, until move in day when he threw my table and chairs and since they landed right side up he ran over and kicked them because just throwing them wasn’t enough). He bought me pots and pans for the kitchen and a awesome brand new table and chairs and a microwave and he paid the pet deposit and all sorts of stuff (I didn’t ask for any of it). This pissed my sister off to no end. He’s already bought me the car (which I also didn’t ask for) and he’s not given her anything. Not only that, but he OWES her a ton of money that he refuses to pay her back and she needs it because summer tuition is due soon. Not to mention the fact that I have this awesome place and she still lives with him. So yeah, she was pissed as fuck. Which really helped the festive atmosphere of the day.

I can’t blame her though, I’d be pissed as fuck too. I just wish she’d be pissed at dad and not me. I mean I know I don’t deserve this but I didn’t ASK for it either. And THIS is why I feel bad. Why can’t I just be happy and enjoy all the awesomeness? I’ve got my cat and a new job and my DREAM car and now I have my own place which is beyond awesome. And I’m feeling guilty about it. Damn shame.

I’ll get pictures up soon – it’s not done cause I don’t have anything on the walls yet but I gotta share it with someone. Anyone wanna take a vacation to Alabama? Free lodging! The futon is super comfy – I slept on it the other night because it was the only thing that was even partially dry. And I bought lots of air fresheners so the place won’t smell like wet furniture and old apartment LOL

Well anyway, I’m in a computer lab because I’ve got finals tomorrow. Ugh. Someone say a prayer – If I don’t do awesome tomorrow, then I am fucked. As in fucked fucked. Seriously. If I do well then this next school year is paid for by a miracle of God. If I do bad even on just one, well then I can’t afford to stay in school much less to live in that apartment. There’s a lot riding on tomorrow and I’m freaking out.

I can’t wait until Thursday when I have a day off with not a worry (lie – ill worry about how I did on the finals and if I’ll get to stay in school or not). But I can pretend to relax and think about where to hang things on the wall and pet the cat and watch the local channels which come in really well with the rabbit ear antenna. Oh and I can take pictures to post!

So yall all say a prayer and if you have my phone number give me a call so I can gush about the good things and not stew over the bad. :)


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