I had this dream...

I had a dream that I was at the beach with my family when my little nephew got caught in the rip tide/under tow. But I swam out and saved him right? Cause I’m a hero like that. And while we were swimming back to shore, a shark attacked me. Like a BIG shark. And I pushed my nephew to shore and told him to swim to safety while I fought the shark. And it took a bite of my leg and totally bit off my arm. But I poked out its eyes and ripped open its gills and I totally kicked its ass – I even drug the huge carcass to shore before I passed out from blood-loss.

And they cut open the shark (who was stuffed to hang on a wall – all 18 feet of him) and got my arm which the doctors were able to reattach. And I even got a freezer of shark steaks (wanna eat the shark that ate my arm?).

And I was interviewed on the Today show and the story was all over the news and I was a hero. And some awards – like MTV or something – gave me the “Bad Ass of the Year” award. And I gave a big speech at the awards and everyone loved me. I was totally famous, a hero, and a known bad-ass. It was awesome.

So is there any wonder what I’D like in life? Hmmm… I don’t know… recognition, adoration, respect and love?

Does a shark have to bite off my arm for me to get that?


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