Holy Shit! I’ve been Wikipedia-d!

A long long time ago, I ranted off a post about RGIS. Since then, many people have dropped in to comment on their experience with the company. I just figured a lot of people googled "RGIS sucks." Then today I found that that rant is listed on the RGIS Wikipedia page. Wow. Thanks to whoever wrote that -- I kinda wish I had better grammar and didn't curse so much now...

Of course even with that totally awesome and very respectable link, I’m lucky to get 20 hits a day. Glad to know that my antisocial nature and trouble meeting people extends to my online persona as well. Woo!

BTW, I have no idea when this started, but I’ve taken to saying “woo” a lot lately. And not just in type – I think I’ve said it out loud a few times. Good lord I’m such a geek.

Sing it with me now: I’m gonna fail my finals – I’m gonna fail my finals. I’m gonna fail out of school and be penny-less and alone and my psychiatrist will only point out that yes I am penniless and alone and still fat and it’s all my fault and then I’ll ask him why I pay him so much to make me feel worse and he’ll say he’s just telling me the truth and then I’ll will my cat to Steph and shoot myself. {Back to the chorus:} I’m gonna fail my finals – I’m gonna fail my finals…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think in an effort to figure out what the heck is going on since the company has been sold, people are latching on to the 2 or 3 good blogs out there. Congratulations for starting it all! Now if only you didn't hate it so much so you could stick around and keep writing about it.... :)

3:43 AM  

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