Gene Pool

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This picture is me (far right), my sisters (both older), and my nephew. Everyone always says that my sisters and I look alike (especially me and the one on the far left – you’ve no idea how much I hear that I look JUST LIKE her) but I don’t see it. Perhaps because I’m fatter or I just don’t want to.

Also, why am I still so fat (not that you can see my tummy and hips in this picture – that’s on purpose)? I swear I looked thinner in the pictures from my birthday (November) than I do in this set! I really need some more self confidence ‘cause I’m seeing these pictures and thinking I look way more than 222lbs – and 222 aint exactly a small amount.

Anyway, yeah – there’s me and my sisters. It’s always interesting to see pictures of siblings (at least I always think so). I don’t have any of my bro to post or I’d post them. Shame we didn’t get any this weekend of all of us.


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