Apparently I just take really bad care of things.

The other day I set a bowl of soup on top of a paper towel on one of my end tables. Before I knew it, the very hot bowl of soup had ruined the finish of the dark-stained table, leaving a white ring. I got these (wonderful) tables from the thrift store and they look great – how long did someone own them and live with them and keep them looking perfect while I ruined it after a mere 3 weeks? Who knows. It’s not really ruined though – mom says there’s something I can buy to fix it. Apparently a paper towel doesn’t count as a proper coaster… even if it is folded over a few times.

I never updated on the Beetle. I got my brother to help me fix the cover that was falling off. While we were under there, we realized it was actually much more torn up than I realized. And holy shit – there’s a (small) crack on the bumper too. My brother asked me what I had hit. Nothing, to my recollection. I don’t think he believed me. I did a lot of thinking and worrying about what could have possibly done such damage to my car – I mean, I narrowed down the time period that it happened in and it was all interstate driving – if I hit something that hard while driving 70 mph, you’d think I’d have noticed. I finally figured it out. When I go to work, I have to drive over a very uneven connection on the road – one of those steep ones where you have to drive very slow so that the bumper doesn’t scratch the road. Well, the Beetle is kinda low to the ground – it must have hit it that day. Poor thing. I feel really bad – I love that car.

We fixed it though. Lots of screws. It’s a ghetto repair job, but there’s no way I can afford to replace that thing. At least he used screws – I was thinking of using duck-tape… (Oh shush, it's the bottom of the car -- no one see that) And what did someone point out to me a few days ago? The left break light is out. Dammit. I’m gonna pray to god that it’s just the bulb – I’ll find out later today when I fix it.

Though let me point out: I did buy the Beetle a years worth of oil changes (4) with NTB. They had a promotion where you could get 4 “free” oil changes (that include all the filters and a tire rotation too) for 30 dollars. Sounded like a good deal to me.


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