Angel Food Ministries

This is for anyone who buys groceries. If you haven’t heard of Angel Food Ministries, you should check them out. Everyone qualifies, there are no applications or requirements. It’s a ministry to help with your groceries every month. For a very small price (25 dollars) you get a ton of great quality food. Check out the June menu – I’m picking up the Grill Box Special: 6 4-oz. Chicken Breasts, 4 8-oz. Sirloin Strip Steaks, 4 4-oz. Hamburger, 4 4oz Boneless Pork Chops, 1 16oz Italian Sausage – all for 18 bucks. Now tell me you couldn’t use a bunch of chicken, burgers, and STEAK for 18 bucks. I’m also picking up the menu box (you have to buy at least one before you can buy any specials) which includes lots of meats and veggies plus things like peanut butter and eggs.

What an awesome ministry! This really will help with the grocery bill – just the meat alone is totally worth it. There’s a lot of it I won’t use – like the ribs and chicken on a bone – but I can give that to my family or even a neighbor and be a blessing to someone else. I called my family to tell them about it and they’re going to order a few boxes too. If you’re interested, check out the website: (link goes to the menu – not the main page). You place your order with one of the listed “host” churches (before June 12th) and pick up your food at that church on June 24th. Plus some of the money goes to the church as a donation. This is totally win win for everybody! Don’t feel like this is for “other” people – this is for all of us. Plus the money goes to keep supporting the ministry and a part of it goes to the host church as a straight up donation. And hell, I’m dirt poor and this will give me loads of REAL meals for less than I’d pay for 2 meals usually. I’m going to be keeping up with this ministry for sure.


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