These past few nights I’ve caught some late-night reruns of 24. These are the first episodes I’d ever seen. They were about someone bombing LA and they had to find the bomb. And I knew the season finale was tonight so I was pleased to finish up the story line.

So tonight I sit down to watch it with my mom and tell her how I’d been watching it these past few nights and how good it was (she doesn’t watch) and I said I didn’t know who he two people on the screen were. She told me it was the president and his wife and I said nuh – uh cause the president is black. This led to a huge argument between us (neither of which has seen more than 2 episodes of the show). Apparently I was watching episodes from some other season.

Well, dammit.

I feel so jipped. People have been telling me to watch this show and here I gave it a go and got screwed. I saw the finale which sucked, probably because I hadn’t seen a lick of the show – and I’ll never see the finale to the episodes I watched. How lame. I give up – I like Medium better anyway.


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