Why some people think I am a huge bitch.

I think you've all noticed that I just can't ride things out. Little things stress me out -- I'm working on fixing this. So I get these buildups to where I just won't take bullshit. Not that I should take bullshit but some people can just brush it off and go "oh I'll come back tomorrow" or "oh I won't say anything, I just won't come here next time." Yeah I'm not that kinda person. Today one of those instances occurred but before I tell you about that one, let me tell you about one that happened the week I got my precious baby beetle.

As said, this was right after I got my new Beetle. My family had cleaned it up perfectly for me and now I was getting the oil changed and changing the wiperblades because I gotta take care of the dream care and start it off on the right foot. I took it to Walmart. (I know I know, some of you think Walmart is evil -- *cough cough* leah -- but they recycle the oil, they're cheap (15 bucks), and they're right there) I've had my oil changed at this particular location at least twice before and never had a single problem. This time was different. First, the cashier back there was a gum smacking bitch. She was totally incompetent, wouldn't do her job, and was completely rude -- plus she was smacking her gum which was killing me. And my car was finished, but they hadn't brought her the key and she refused to go ask for it. When it finally came in and I was paying I made sure that they changed the wipers. The incompetent gum-smacking bitch pointed out that they had checked the blades. No, they were supposed to change the blades. She looked over the form and said they did. I asked to see the form. I read over it myself and no they had not. They had supposedly checked them and they passed according to this form but they were horribly in need of replacement. I could have told they needed replacement so someone who does this all day certainly should have been able to. That's 2 strikes right there -- they lied about the check and didn't do what I ASKED them to do. But there was no fucking way I was staying there for another minute so I told her to just ring it up.

When I got to my car and got in, guess what I found? There were greasy oily hand prints all over the newly-cleaned and treated beige interior. Yeah. All over -- you could see perfect hand prints everywhere they touched. Now mom was just like "come on, lets just go." Of course I'm not one of those people and that was just so not acceptable. I was lucky in that the district manager was there and I immediately asked to speak with him. The first thing I did was inform him that his cashier was an incompetent bitch. He said she wasn't from that department and was just an extra person from the front to which I replied that he needed to send her ass back and get another one. I then told him about the wiper blades and the oily grease prints all over the car. He was really nice about it and explained that this was a complete new team of people who obviously weren't doing their jobs. He had two men clean up the interior and replace the wiper blades for free. And yes, I stood by that car and watched it like a hawk while they did this because I'm fully aware that they were pissed as fuck that I went to the district manager and I didn't want them to do anything to the car because of that.

So thats the first case. Another bunch of bullshit happened this week. The payroll department messed up my paycheck. I've worked there for a month now and still not been payed. I should have been paid Friday but they didn't have a check for me and told me that it would be 2 weeks before I got one because I was just hired. I nicely talked to her and got her look it up in the computer where she found that actually they had just fucked up and I would get 2 paychecks in 2 weeks. Well, I kinda really need some money so I asked her if there was anything else I can do. She told me I could try to talk to my department about it and they could request that I be paid early (even though its really late). Now my department is totally different so I went to talk to Kim. I like Kim -- in fact I ended up spending an hour there talking and shes going to root me a gorgeous rhododendron that was on her desk. I've heard of them before but had never seen one -- it looks like a cross between an Azalea and a Hydrangea. When I told her this, she was psyched to see that I knew my flowers and we began talking about it. Shes going to root me a piece of it -- score!) She also played a million rounds of phone tag and sent emails to get them to cut me a check. She asked me if Wednesday was alright, I figured ok, WEdnesday would do.

Cut to today - Wednesday. I went to the payroll department to pick up my very late pay check. It was 1PM and every one was on break. Lucky me! So I go run errands and come back an hour later. Go figure, they didn't have a check for me. The woman looked it up in the computer and saw the email that she had received from Kim 2 days ago. Ooohhhh yeah we were supposed to do that. You can come back tomorrow and pick it up. Unacceptable. I've already waited, This was handled Monday -- print me a check. She pretended to fiddle around and find out that yes, she could do that (uhuh) and told me to come back in 20 minutes or later today. I sat down across from her desk and said I'd wait. I can be very good at makeing people uncomfortable ;) Then she had a computer problem -- she couldn't do it -- I'd have to wait. Unacceptable -- find someone who can fix it. She informed me that she'd have to talk to ___ and that ___ was a huge bitch who would be mad about it. I told her to go get ___ and I'd be more than happy to deal with this directly with her. And if she wants to be a bitch I'll be one right back.

The woman went to the other womans office who then came back to where I was still sitting in the tiny cubicle (20 minutes have passed) and showed her how to do it. Now they can print my check. Apparently sending something to the printer takes another 20 minutes -- I could come back and pick it up. No thanks, I'll wait.

All in all I'm pretty sure that woman never wants to see me again. Of course all in all I'd rather not have to see her again either. I'm not a bitch, I promise. But you fucked up and I already did the "come back tomorrow" thing twice -- and if I come back tomorrow you're still not going to have it fixed -- so I'm going to sit here and stare at you for 40 minutes to give you motivation to do your job so that I'll leave. See how that works? Doesn't make me a bitch -- just means I need the paycheck.


Blogger Lemming Leader said...

There have always been two things that have held true in my adult life. The first applies to your first story about the car and the wiper blades. When I pay someone for a job it better fucking well be done and it had better be done right. If I wanted a shitty job done I would have done it myself.

The second applies to your second story about the paycheck. If you are paying me to do a job then I will do it right and you had damned well better pay me for it. My time does not come for free. My effort and anal retentive attention to detail when on a job do not come for free. You will get what you pay for. Don't fuck around about paying me.

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