Versatile Chicken

I'm posting another recipe of sorts because someone actually tried out one of my other ones! Ok, so I haven't heard how it went so I can't get TOO happy. This one is for the chicken I made tonight. It's so versatile. I cooked fresh boneless skinless chicken tenders and I divided them up into servings to put into individual ziplock bags for the fridge and freezer. And Now I can use one to make chicken salad if that's what I'm in the mood for. I could toss it in a skillet with some dales sauce to warm it up and have it with broccoli... or maybe I'm in a mac & cheese mood. I can have a sandwich if that's what I want. Or I can chop it up and have chicken fetchini alfredo. So this is perfect for me who is single and poor or for anyone who wants to have something like this in the fridge for quick, cheap, and damn good lunches or dinner. The key is to cook the chicken so that it doesn't have some strong flavor (gotta be versatile) and to keep it moist and juicy with no "crust." You can always pop it back in the oven for a crust or toss it in a skillet with more flavor (in my case -- DALES SAUCE -- yum).

So I called my momma because I don't cook chicken. I can't handle seeing it raw -- it disgusts me. In fact even this time, I was just dumping it out and using a spoon to separate the pieces on the pan and i was gagging. It grossed me out so much that I figured this would be the LAST time I make chicken, but it turned out so good that I'll just have to suck it up.

All it is is chicken breasts or tenders or whatever on a pan. Salt and pepper them and drizzle with olive oil. Olive oil is expensive and not something I had on hand but mom said I had to get some. She was right -- that's what keeps it so perfectly juicy. Then cover it completely with foil and bake it in the oven on 325 for an hour. See how simple that is?

And now I'm not stuck on a single dish. In fact I cooked the chicken tonight only because I had to (it wasn't frozen). I didn't even want to eat what I had planned for it (fetichini -- no, I can't spell it. Feel free not to correct me -- I don't really care). But then I thought -- this would make an awesome sandwich. So I made a sandwich with mayo and mustard and salt and pepper and swiss cheese (with the cold chicken). Man, it was awesome.

And you know, really -- that's every chicken recipe. I always think it's funny when people say they have this AWESOME chicken recipe because most chicken is pretty much the exact same thing. Lemon pepper chicken is the same thing as regular plain chicken breasts you just cooked it with lemon and pepper. Substitute any number of seasonings and such and you get pretty much the same exact thing just with a different kick. And since this chicken is cooked without any strong flavors -- it can be turned into a million chicken recipes just by adding stuff to it. And since I now have it in my freezer & fridge in little pre-cooked individual portions, I can have a totally awesome chicken sandwich if that's what I want. Or I can just make a side or two and have a complete meal. I'm just tickled pink with this new addition to my diet.


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