TV show idea

I've got the best TV show idea. And maybe there's not enough for a full seasonal show -- but maybe a few network specials -- or even a segment on a show. I can totally see Conan O'Brian doing it. What is it?

Get this -- picture it: Famous people's college (or otherwise) roommates. How awesome would that be? Hell, maybe it's a jaded sibling or someone who spent a week on a family vacation with them. And I'm not talking about just "stars." Sure, stars are fun -- but what about politicians, musicians or anyone famous enough to be known.

I mean you can hide your habits for 2 nights max, but if you live with someone for any amount of time -- you've got tons of dirt on them. Wouldn't you love to know about the cat fight Natalie Portman had with her roommate over groceries or a dirty glass? How about the fight Matt Lower had over his roommate having sex in their shower?

It should be all about those petty little things that boil over and things that are completely different than their current "image." It would be AWESOME. Just put out a call for anyone who used to room with anyone famous -- it would be pretty easy to verify that they did, in fact, live together. Imagine the lawsuits that would be spurred! I can totally see Conan interviewing someone about someone who lived with an animal rights activist that once spit on their cat or bleached their roommates fish tank.

It should so happen. Have your people call me, Conan.

PS -- I was totally going to go to sleep over an hour ago but I just had to check woot and see that they're having a woot off. Dammit. Now I'll never be able to go to sleep. A minute ago my browser wouldn't refresh and they totally had a great price on a radar detector. I SO WOULD HAVE BOUGHT THAT. Last week I bought my mom a DVD/VCR combo for 40 bucks.


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