This post will save you money.

You know how when your check engine light comes on, you have to pay over a hundred dollars to have a mechanic use his computer on it? They always charge an arm and a leg for those things because buying all the chips they need is expensive. Plus they just like to rip people off. I was going to have mine run tomorrow for 105. I know that's a lot of money, but I also know some people charge even more than that.

Naturally, I whined about this. Well, not so much whined as bitched. And don't ever say bitching doesn't get you anywhere. I mentioned it to Steph who informed me that Autozone would run it for free. And this is such a revelation that I didn't believe her. I had to go down there myself to prover her wrong. And another great point? Autozone is open till 9. Awesome. So I went down there and asked the guy who promptly ran my car and didn't charge me a freaking penny. In 5 minutes he told me exactly what was wrong... for free. FREE.

Some of you just drop your car off at the mechanics when something goes wrong so you might not know what I'm talking about. What I'm talking about it going to save you money at some point in the future. Next time one of your lights comes on, take it to Autozone who will tell you why it is on FOR FREE. Then you can tell the mechanic exactly what needs to be fixed on it and he won't have to use his precious computer which will cost you a lot of money (he also won't be able to charge you to fix something more expensive that you really don't need). In fact, if you know about this and don't do it, then you're a moron who deserves to have their wallet raped by a crooked mechanic.

I can not believe I never knew about this. I called my brother and father and they never knew about it either. In fact, my dad didn't believe me. You know why he didn't believe me? Cause we've been paying to have this shit done for years. And we go to Autozone for everything -- we just never knew this. I'm amazed. I'm seriously amazed. I was going to pay a mechanic to do that very thing at 8am tomorrow and now I don't have to. THANK YOU, STEPH! I will NEVER pay to have this done again. EVER. And since I'm only 23, this is going to save me thousands of dollars over my lifetime. I'm just SHOCKED that I never knew about this.


Anonymous steph said...

told ya i wasent lieing ;)

9:40 PM  

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