Ugh, these coming two week are going to be super stressful. I've got 3 programs to write, 3 finals to study for and take, I've got to pack up all my stuff and find a storage unit to rent and then put all my stuff into that storage unit -- which I will do alone because I've asked everyone I can think of to help me and no one "can," I've also got to go get certified for work -- 2 classes which will last all day and cause me to miss my last classes where we would be reviewing for the final. I tried to get out of the certification because I just have to be certified in the next fucking year so I don't see why they have to make me go to this session during my fucking finals week -- but I'm told that it's part of the job so I really don't get a choice. Oh yeah, and aside from the two days where I'll be getting certified, I'll be working everyday. This weekend I have to work from 11:30PM to 11:30AM. Fun.

Also, I'm about to kill the cat and my roommate both. At least there's only 2 weeks left of living with that bitch.

I'm going to be living at moms during May because the fuckers than run UAH have decided to make everyones lives harder by making us all move out on the same day and all move in on the same day. This means no home for me! Of course my family wants me to move home altogether because they think it'll "help" me. Uhuh. Technically suicide would solve some problems too but it's not a good option. Neither is moving home which would probably lead down the winding road to suicide becoming an option.

And then after May, I'm going to have to move everything from that storage unit to my NEW room -- again all by myself -- and then I'll repeat all this bullshit again in August. Blech. I want to make someone suffer for this.

Now my dad (who won't stop calling to yell) tells me that Jefferson county has to "inspect" my car before they'll let me register it because we bought it out of state. Well, this has to be done within 30 days of the purchase date so dad needs me to come home. Well, I'm kinda booked up for these two weeks so I can't. So naturally he's furious and doesn't see why I can't some home "one morning." Yeah, and spend 50 dollars on gas, drive 2 hours there, wait who knows how long on the fucking DMV, then drive back 2 hours. That's not just a quick morning -- not that I have a quick morning to spare at the moment. And the late "penalty" is only like 15 dollars. Dads solution costs like 4 times that. So he has a new solution. He is furiously going to drive up here in a gas-guzzling truck (at least 30 dollars in gas), pick up "the goddamn car," rent me a car to use for the day (another 30 dollars), drive it down to birmingham "his own goddamn self" (20-30 dollars), get it inspected, drive it back (20-30 dollars), pick up his truck and then go back home (at least 30 dollars). Um, ok -- cause you KNOW that's better than paying a 15 dollar late fee.


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