So good.

I just made a dinner so good I can't believe I made it. I want to share it and tell people that I made it. I even offered the neighbors some (they already ate). What did I cook? Pot roast with potatoes and carrots. The southern kind. The only thing missing was the cornbread which I chose not to make. And it was sooooo good that I'm going to tell you how to make it so you can make some and impress all your friends.

Buy a big hunk of meat. This one is Angus Beef Roast. That's an expensive hunk of meat, BTW. I paid 11 dollars for like 2.6 pounds. This goes into a oven roasting bag. (You could do it in a crock pot which is easier and how we've always done it before). Peel you some carrots and potatoes and toss those in the bag along side the roast. You don't have to cut them up unless they are like 1 pound potatoes -- they'll cook through, don't worry. Also quarter up some onion and add that along side. Then in another bowl or bag or whatever, combine a can of cream of mushroom soup and a can of cream of celery soup. Add stuff to that -- whatever you have around (think spices or condiments). I added dales sauce, garlic powder, seasoned meat tenderizer, and onion powder. Then add a little water -- however much it takes to cover the roast when it's in the bag. You want it just to the top of the roast -- more isn't going to hurt you, less will. Then tie off the bag and set it in a baking pan.

The temperature of the oven depends on how long you plan to cook it. When we do it in the crock pot, we put it in the night before and set it on "low." Then in the morning we turn it up to "high" and usually eat it around 1. The idea is to roast it sloooooooow. This can also cook for a lot longer than required. You're cooking the meat until it literally just falls apart so you can't really overcook it -- all the liquid makes sure of that. That's why this is a wonderful meal to put in the oven before you go to class or work or run a ton of errands. If you only want to wait about 3 hours, cook it on 325. I let mine cook for 5 hours on 300. If you want to leave it in while you're at work, I'd recommend 275 for 7 or more hours. I promise, you're not going to overcook it.

When you come home, you're house will smell absolutely delicious. You'll want to lick the walls -- I promise. If you're cooking it for someone else, they'll be drooling the second they walk in the door and begging to know when it will be ready. I was gone all day at work and class and when I came home this evening it was so nice. For once my apartment smells like something good and not some strange chinese food or dead fish that chinas thawing on the counter.

You'll know it's done when the meat falls apart -- you should be able to separate it easily with a plastic spoon. The veggies should also be super easy to cut -- again, the plastic spoon should do it. If you didn't add too much water, the gravy should thicken enough as it stands. If you want to make it even thicker, just add flour. Now enjoy!

Leftover keep wonderfully in the fridge. This is good by itself or perhaps you'd want rolls or cornbread. The leftovers make PERFECT cold OR hot sandwiches -- I'm fond of just the roast and mayonnaise and perhaps a slice of swiss cheese. YUM.

Cook it -- you won't regret it. And yes, it's expensive but it's also great quality and makes plenty of servings. You'll want leftovers too -- those sandwiches are to die for.


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