Pictures of my NEW BEETLE!

Well, I want to gush about how awesome my new car is -- and a picture is worth a thousand words! Browse the pics for captions about features and such. Oh, and to look and me posing with it... a lot.

Yall, this car is so much better than I ever imagined it would be. I'm serious when I say that. It's a dark blue (and purple in the sunlight) 2001 Volkswagen Beetle -- Luxury class (meaning every option and upgrade you can get is on it) and a TURBO engine. My dad and brother LOVE driving it because of the power. And my brother and his wife are now actually considering getting one -- THATS how much everyone loves it. And please note how much room there is inside! I'm small by no means (in the width category) and my brother is 6'6" or more and we both fit really comfortably -- even both of us riding in it together.

There are so many awesome little things that I know I can't list all of them. I tried to get most of them in the picture captions. But some things -- like the fact that the seats have little levers that act as jacks to move them up or down -- or the ingenious way the back seats fold down, or the millions of positions you can adjust the steering wheel -- those things can't be captured in pictures. I guess you're just going to have to let me show it off in person ;)

This car is beyond nice. There's no way I need something THIS nice. Holy shit it is SO AWESOME.


I'm telling you, there will be arguments over who rides to Florida with ME this year! And everyone's going to take this car every chance they get. No one in my family (aside from Heidi) much cared for Beetles before, but they've all been won over -- and won over hard. Everyone got to drive it before I even got to see it and they called me to gush about how awesome it was!

Also, it's so sweet that my family is so happy and excited for me. They all know how much I've always wanted one, and they're glad to see me finally get it. It's really touching. My dad and sister went and had it detailed and polished and waxed and totally made new again before I saw it because they wanted it to be perfect when I finally got to see it. So sweet!


Anonymous skwid said...

wow! i'm so happy for you! so... silver beetle might need to be named purple beetle...... anyways.... that's the best news you've had in ages, i'm so happy for you!

4:29 AM  

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