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I've been working all week. Yesterday I was at the dealership at 8AM and didn't get home from work till 11:30. Much more than I'm used to ;)

I'm loving the new job so far. Well, that is until last night when I felt like they had absolutely no confidence in my abilities and I'm almost positive that one of the officers called me a "dumb ass little girl." So that sucks, but before last night I was loving it.

It's a great gossip job. I've got so much awesome gossip that'd I'd LOVE to post, but I think that that would be illegal and I'm not up for paying the fines and serving possible jail time. It's also super boring. Right now I'm still training (even though I think i should be on my own by now -- I'm really thinking these people have no confidence in me at all. Steph, you need to call and put in a good word for me and see whats going on LOL). So while I'm training, I'm pretty much getting paid good money to sit there and talk all day. And when I get done training, I'll be getting paid good money to sit on my ass and surf the internet or do homework and occasionally say 10-4 and give the time. What a great job.

Last night was super busy though because of all the tornadoes. Plus the police radios stopped working and that was fun. There were so many people in the office that I just stepped out because I felt like I was just getting in the way. Of course T, who seems to be an absolute sweetheart and who is training me, said that THEY were the ones in the way. To be honest, I was way more worried about the damage all that hail might do to my new car. MY BABY HAD ICE RAINING ON IT AND ALL I COULD DO WAS WATCH. They were saying we might get base-ball sized hail. Luckily we just got a ton of nickle-sized hail. It was about the consistence of the ice you get from an ice crusher -- just a lot of it coming from the sky.

And I'm gonna have to fess up here and say that I wanted to run out there and throw my body over it to protect it. I even considered getting a blanket to cover it with. I can heal -- my babies paint job and body can't. Luckily we didn't get all that much damage. We just had a brief run in with a bunch of tornadoes around us.

Somewhere in there I heard one of the officers call someone a dumb-ass little girl and being that I was the only girl in sight, he had to be talking about me. I think he was referring to us telling him we hadn't heard anything about a watch around us and he could SEE the storm coming. I don't see how I play into that because by then, T had taken over the radio. Plus we were monitoring everything on the computer, the weather radio, and the TV and we can't tell you there's a watch if there isn't one. what do you want us to do, call the national weather people and tell them they are wrong? I'm hoping that maybe he was talking about someone else but I don't see how that's possible. Can you tell that it bothers me? I can't stand the thought of working with someone who already has such a low opinion of me before I've even STARTED. I hope it won't be that kind of environment, I'm not on anxiety meds anymore! Anyway, I was loving the job up until then and now I'm putting too much thought into what someone I don't even like may or may not have said about me in a very stressful moment.

Last night I went to sleep tired for once. And today I had a very nice relaxing day spent in bed with the cat. For once I didn't sleep all day because of depression. I slept all day because I deserved a break. It was nice.

Tonight I'm up because there's a concert outside of my window. And I don't mean loud music, I mean someone has set up a STAGE with a complete band and speakers and is having a concert -- right outside of my window. It started at 11PM. Apparently, when I play my radio too loud, I get RAs and cops at my door but they're allowed to set up a full on drum set outside of my windows at fucking midnight. I'm pissed. If it was nickleback or something, that's one thing -- but some little no names playing at midnight is a completely different thing. Maybe I wouldn't be quite so mad if I hadn't been reported multiple times for playing my radio too loud at perfectly reasonable hours.

And our poor parking lot! It's already too small for us, now it's full of freshmans who drove over here because they're too lazy to walk and are only here for the free beer being passed around so freely. I know, I'm being a total scrooge.

PS -- I'm still LOVING the car.


Blogger Valentine said...

I was out at the party last night... I wasn't offered any free beer though! Except by one guy I know. I ended up making out with Randy's little brother from his fraternity. He pretty much hates me. Again.

12:16 AM  

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