Light bulbs

So the other day the bulb in one of my lamps went out. I replaced it with a bulb from another less-important lamp. Then another bulb went out in a completely different lamp. So I went to Walmart and bought some light bulbs.

I got eight bulbs for like a dollar and a quarter. Eight bulbs. Eight. That's like 15 cents a bulb. What can you get for 15 cents? Nothing. You can't even have a piece of gum for that. Hell, you can't get a damn rice cake for 15 cents. I'm serious. If you bought a pack of rice cakes and divided it up, they'd cost more than a light bulb. What the hell is that?

These things are essential to our lives. ESSENTIAL. They give us light for months. They give us light. And they aren't plastic either -- they're metal and glass and they make light. Who doesn't have light bulbs? We all do. We need them. If you don't have light bulbs, DHR is gonna come take your kids away. And they're 15 cents. Less than 2 dimes. How'd that happen?

What's gas? It's like 2.70 now, isn't it? That's like 18 light bulbs. Eight-fucking-teen light bulbs or a gallon of gas that will get me all of 23 miles in my new Beetle. What is that? And milk? Milks like -- what -- 20 or more light bulbs. Thats FIVE four-packs of light giving glass or some milk that will expire in a week. Man, thats messed up.

Why are they so cheap? The price of everything is constantly rising but these wonderful little things are still only 15 cents. And raman noodles -- they're like 8 cents. What is that? I totally forgot they were so cheap. I was like -- "maybe I should get some raman noodles." And then I decided against it but I got them anyway because they're like eight fucking cents.

Why doesn't inflation affect light bulbs and raman noodles?


Anonymous Leah said...

okay, I went searching, and I had a hard time finding incandescents. I found some, and they were cheap, but not as cheap as walmart.

I know lightbulbs aren't that expensive (the ones I saw were anywhere from 30 cents to 50 cents for standard, but much more for anything fancy). However, that is really dirt cheap, and I'm going to chalk it up to the walmart difference. Most everything is truly cheaper at walmart, I suppose.

still, that is crazy. 15 cents for a lightbulb. today, I also saw mac and cheese for 33 cents, and I couldn't believe it. Seriously, I bet it costs more than 33 cents to have that stuff shipped, nevermind the cost of the food, machines, people, etc involved in the making and selling. I suspect some sort of weird federal subsidy on lightbulbs, mac and cheese, and ramen.

3:02 AM  
Anonymous karen said...

Hmm, makes me wonder if I'm wrong after I wrote a whole post about it LOL I'll have to check up on myself but walmarts website is down.

3:17 AM  

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