Furniture -- help me out!

If anyone knows someone with a table and chairs and something to put a TV on (entertainment center is nice but sounds expensive -- hook me up! Especially if it's a nice one, I'll totally pay what I can for it (read: not much).

Here's what I have so far: Futon (on loan from mom), 2 end tables (super nice -- scored both for 30 bucks), awesome patio chair, brand new Nautica shower curtain I got for 14, I already have a chair that's on loan from my sister, I own a shelf, Dads gonna give me a microwave, and I've got an old night stand that's about to fall over but I figure I can toss in a few screws and it'll survive. I really need a table and chairs because I want to use them not just for dining but as a desk too -- I'm not going to have a computer desk or place to (supposedly) do homework, so the table would do double duty. The entertainment center would be for my TV, stereo, printer, modem (if I can afford internet), my video games (nintendo & N64 -- gotta have some geeky passtimes), DVD player and whatever else. Also if it had exrta shelves or a cabinet, it would be a great place to keep stuff like papers and shit. I need a place to keep stuff. Oh and I need some kind of chest to keep clothes in. Nothing huge -- something small would do. I want to keep the bedroom simple with just a bed and nightstand (and chest if i could find it -- hey, you can't hang up underwear). This is the first time in my life where I've not had to have everything in one room. I want a BEDROOM. I don't want a desk in it or even a TV -- it's going to be a bed room. And its going to be AWESOME.

Today when I picked up the tables, I told the guy that I was going to put them in my Beetle. He laughed. So did someone else. I mean they literally were like yeah, not gonna happen. I informed them that I didn't play tetris for 15 years for nothing. I took the largest table out first. Oh yeah, it fit. And they said it couldn't be done. Eat it! I'm telling yall, Beetles are fucking huge. The back seat folds down and anything can go back there -- don't believe me? I'll show you. And then they certainly thought I was crazy when I picked up the second table an carried it out. Uhuh. It fit too. HA.

Things like this make me happy. I can do anything. And don't ever say a single bad thing about my Beetle. I'm neurotic and I have my beetle and my cat. Don't ever insult either one.

BTW, I've gotten rid of more stuff on freecycle than I'm getting off it. This was not the aim.

I'm going to have a balcony with a comfy chair and lots of flowers. :) And even though it's against the rules (I asked), I'm going to staple up chicken wire to close it in so Jack can go out there with out running off. That cat is bad. Hes the sweetest thing and I love him to death and wouldn't let you take him for the world (yes i would but still) -- but the cat is a devil. He runs off. And sure, hell run back if you wait long enough because he's too pansy to cut it without a bed and pillows -- and after all, you haven't petted him yet, but the point is that he runs off initially. What if he can't find his way back? Or what if he jumps over the railing of the balcony and into the street? Chicken wire seems like it would be the best solution (I saw some people did it up to the railing -- I just want to go all the way to the top) -- wouldn't that be the least visible thing? I could also do screen but that would be dark and stick out like a sore thumb. I don't want something ugly or obtrusive. And it's easy to say that I just won't allow him out there but then I'm going to want to sit out there and sure that might hold for the first 2 months (might), but after a while I'm gonna cave and want to let him out thinking that if I WATCH him he'll be ok -- and it will take all of 42 seconds for him to take a leap over the railing and fall two stories, get scared to death and run onto the highway which is mere feet away. That won't work. Any suggestions?


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