From the Volkswagen dealership

Please excuse the spelling errors in this post, we all know I can't spell -- it's nothing new. I'm sitting here at Volkswagen of Huntsville while they do some work on my car. It's new to me -- not the world.

I get the impression that it is strange for me to be waiting on my car. The guy asked me a million times -- "you're going to wait?" Yes. I don't see the problem. I'd take a shuttle if I didn't feel like waiting. And they have a nice comfy waiting lounge complete with TV, tons of magazines, and computers with free internet access. I'll survive.

I'll have a spare key after today too. A spare key that only cost a little over 300 dollars. Actually, closer to 350. I'm not paying for it though -- the dealership that sold me the car is. Same with the minor repairs that are being done today. They advertised it as "excellent" condition when it's not. Don't get me wrong, it's in good to fair condition, just not excellent. When they got there to pick it up, they found a broken cargo cover, a sunroof that doesn't work, and a chipped tail light -- the key was broken too. So all that's getting fixed today -- well not the tailight but it's hardly noticable so I don't care.

I might wash it this weekend if the storms don't do it for me. I want it to be all shiny and I've apparently driven it through lots of pollen! Everyone tells me it's a waste of money to wash the pollen off right now, but screw it I can wash my new car if I want.


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