Flower Shopping

If any of you were wondering if owning a Beetle is as good as I had always hoped it would be and if all my expectations have been met -- or if, like usual, I'm disappointed... let me tell you, it's so much better than I thought it would be.

I get so excited when I'm driving it! I wonder if people watch me drive by like I used to watch Beetles go by. I've already heard little girls pointing out my car and telling their parents that they want one.

When I was driving home from Birmingham, I noticed the bend of the windshield... and it looked like a beetle -- it took me a long time to get that bend right when I draw them -- and then I realized all over again THAT IT IS A BEETLE AND IT'S MINE. Same thing happened when I saw its shadow today. It's funny that I know it's curves so well.

I feel so cute driving it. It just makes me feel cuter -- even just owning it. Yes, I drive a Beetle and have a Mac. I almost want to dye my hair pink again just so I can own a Beetle and a Mac and have pink hair. Because I am a totally awesome person like that. I love me.

Today I went flower shopping for it. I had to find just the right flower for the bud vase. I hit up Michaels. I went down the aisles gathering all the things I considered possibilities. Poppies would have been something unique. I looked at all colors of daisies -- I considered a rose. Maybe daffodils or buttercups? I even picked up a purply blue bunch of hydrangea flowers. Perhaps a lily? I went up to the cashier and said that I had just purchased a Beetle and I had to find just the right flower for it -- "There it is right there -- the blue one -- hey beetle!" (Yes, I know some people think I'm a total bitch and others see me act like this in public. I'm a box of chocolates, yall.) I asked her if I could just carry this bunch of flowers out there to pick the right one. She let me! So I went out and sat in the car and held up each flower -- too blue, too bright -- too big, ugly -- unique for a reason...

I settled on a bright yellow sunflower. I like the size and look and I love the contrast of the yellow against the dark blue. Plus it's not a daisy -- everyone uses daisies. So then I had to decide just how high I wanted it. Then I went back into the store, put back all the flowers I decided against, and entered the flower arranging room. I needed heavy duty wire cutters -- and surely they won't mind ;)

I then spent 10 minutes in the parking lot getting it in just the right position. Then I walked around the car and looked at it from every angle.


I love it!


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