Easter Eggs

I dyed some eggs to get out some crafty energy and to keep/get my spirits up (I've lost a hundred pounds, got a new sweet-ass job and got my DREAM car and I'm still a little depressed. {I have my reasons but does the world need more writing about missed love?} That's right folks, I'm a hopeless case).

Aren't they so cute! These are my first ever "blown eggs" (punch holes in each end and blow the guts out). I dyed them with cheap easter dye and I totally got what I paid for. The dye looks like shit. I used acrylic paint for the accents. Some have lady bugs, some flowers, and some just patterns (stripes, swirls). Then I lacquered the shit out of them. Gotta love some spray on lacquer! Shiny pretty hollow eggs. Mmmm.


Anonymous Leah said...

they look pretty good from here . . .

in the future, instead of buying cheap dye kits, just use regular liquid food dye with some vinegar and hot water. that's what we use, and our eggs look fairly good after multiple dips.

one year, I brought a Japanese friend home for Easter, and she used masking tape to mask out designs and kanji on to the eggs. I think those were the prettiest eggs we ever made.

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