Don't ever try to show up the Beetle.

Today I had to go to the post office ($4.05 to mail a LETTER priority!) which was a wonderful excuse to joy ride in the Beetle. It's a perfect day for windows down and sunroof back and I took advantage of that.

As I've said before, that thing just gets up and goes. While I haven't been speeding in it, I have to admit I've been wasting lots of gas on that accelerator. Today was no different.

I was at the light on University waiting to turn left onto Research Park Blvd. I was at the front of the line so when the light went green I got to speed right on up around that curve. Now 2 lanes turn onto Research Park at this intersection and apparently the dumb ass in the other lane (to my right) didn't want to be shown up by a Beetle -- or perhaps he was joy riding too. So he floored it way harder than I did so he could zoom around me. I didn't really care, as I stopped accelerating before I met the speed limit (and I'm just joy riding here -- no desire to drive particularly fast) -- but he FLEW past me at about 70 or 80 (BEFORE we were even on the interstate). Then he went to pull into the lane in front of me but lost control of the car. What a dumbass.

The air was immediately thick with smoke as he went spinning off into the grass on the right of the interstate (perhaps he turned so hard at such a high speed as to fishtail?). Then the dumbass way over-compensated and went spinning across all 4 lanes to the left. (By now I've given the Beetle an excellent brake test -- it totally passed. Plus I was a good ways behind the guy when this happened because I'm not exaggerating his speed). I was sure he'd spin into on coming traffic but the deep grassy median was enough to stop him. He immediately got out of the smoking car so I know no one was hurt. But man, what a close call. All because he was being a dumbass.

And whats sad is that I didn't care about him -- I just cared that HE ALMOST HURT MY BABY! (And by baby, I'm sure you know I mean my car.) Man what if he had hit me?! I'd die! (And by die, I'm sure you know I'm referring to emotional distress over harm to my baby -- not harm to my own body.) Why drive so freaking fast? He had PLENTY of room to get in front of me without losing control of his freaking car and endangering himself, me, all the people behind us, and all the people in the oncoming lanes. What an idiot!


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