Buy me a roomba

Well, its pretty much done. I've got my own place now. I paid the deposit and first months rent today. I also bought night lights! I'm moving Monday morning at 9am.

I'm super excited -- worried and stressed still -- but super excited. No more chinese roommate! No more mystery meat and dead fish on the counter! No stinky dirty house-shoe-shuffling roommate!

You're all invited to come over for dinner and see it. Well, that is if you buy me housewarming presents. Like a roomba. I totally want a roomba. My dad blew an entire grand buying a top of the line vacuum that he doesn't need in a million years (in addition to a motorcycle complete with motorcycle gear, a new riding lawnmower, a car for me, a car for my brother, an aquarium, and who knows what else). My thoughts are why didn't he just get a roomba? Man I totally want one of those -- especially now that I'm getting my own place that is almost all carpet. Someone hook me up with a little electronic cleaning slave robot.

Speaking of roombas, did you see the guys who hacked it so they could steer it, dressed it up like a frog and played frogger in real traffic? I only wish I could be as cool as those guys.


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