11 Months Post Op

11 Months Post Op
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I'm posting my 11-months post-op post a few days early while I'm feeling positive. I just took this photo today -- that's me wearing a size 18 jean and holding up a size 26 (which I wore as soon as August last year).

Right now I'm somewhere around 232. And if we'll all recall, I was 325 last April and 313 in May when I had surgery. So thats 93 down since April and 81 down since the surgery.

So. I haven't done measurements yet for the month and it looks like I didn't do them at all last month. It's disappointing to do them and have lost nothing so I skip sometimes. This past week I've lost like 5 pounds. It's the poptarts. That's not real weight -- thats just junk flushed out of my body. The poptarts make my digestive system run rather fast. I'll leave it at that.

I'm psyched to be out of the 20-somthing sizes. Next up size 16! Steph tells me she has some 16 jeans shes gonna give me and I'm posting it so she has to. Ha!

Of course I still feel like a beached whale and my arms are HUGE. Today I about had an anxiety attack because there were a bunch of pretty skinny girls outside of the tech hall building where I had to go to class. I wanted to turn around and go home. So I'm still fat -- but a lot LESS fat -- and look at those jeans! *focus on the positive -- focus on the positive*


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