Where are the kid's meals? And whats with spaghetti?

So now that I can actually eat a small meal and feel ok about it, everyone stops with the kids meals. Milos doesn't have them. Neither does Gutheries. And Tenders doesn't either. I just want like 3 chicken fingers and some coleslaw -- not a whole freaking meal (which is a plate of 5 chicken fingers, fries, texas toast, and coleslaw -- at Gutheries and Tenders they don't have many options. You want a plate or you want a sandwich. Period). And at restaurants the kids meals are always spaghetti.

I have a strong aversion to spaghetti. Did you know that? I can't stand it. And by it, I mean the noodles. If you make the exact same dish with bowties or ziti I'm fine with it. In fact I even eat the flat long noodles which shall not be named because I can't spell them and spellchecker won't help -- but don't give me spaghetti noodles. Ever. They bother me. They kinda disturb me. I know, the other day someone told me I was neurotic. No one ever called me that before.

I think it's a variety of things that brought me to a hatred of spaghetti. First, it doesn't hold sauce. It doesn't make sense to me. Why use spaghetti noodles when bowties or ziti or the little swirlies or shells or pretty much any of the other pasta shape holds sauce so much better? It's stupid. Second, spaghetti is a poor dish. As in poor people eat spaghetti a lot because its cheap and easy. I grew up super poor and have a complex about not wanting to be a poor person. I was raised to have some class. We were dirt poor, but we didn't act poor or show it. That's how I was raised.

Third, my dad makes the nastiest spaghetti either. I didn't have to eat his spaghetti much until I moved in with him -- which everyone knows as the year that fucked me over for a lifetime. Hey, I'm not saying anything by that -- it was just a real bad time for me. And during that real bad time, dad cooked a lot of spaghetti. And his spaghetti has chunks of vegetables in it. It had slices of carrots, man. That's not right. Also, on my birthday of that fateful year we had a family dinner... of spaghetti -- which even then was my least favorite thing. But my sister wanted spaghetti. My sister who moved into my bedroom and was in a bad accident so I had to take care of her and I resented her to hell and back (wrongly) for it.

I hate spaghetti. A lot.

So I have issues -- we all have issues. In fact that should be my next shirt design. On the front: "We all have issues." On the back: "I blog mine."


Blogger mama geekhead said...

OMG! This is so funny! I dont mean to laugh, but the POOR people in our neighborhood ate hot dogs and macaroni & cheese. So, my mom, raised me to believe THAT's what poor people ate! NOW, I eat spaghetti, at least once a week, because I thought that's what the upper class ate! OMG! Was I wrong? Oh, by the way, my husband hates lasagna. He said his mom made it terribly, apparently like your father's spaghetti, with the vegetables. But, I never could cook until after my son was born, I guess I felt like I HAD to learn then, but my whole family still LOVES my SPAGHETTI! OMG> of all things. You know what? I'm beginning to hate it now too...

2:10 PM  
Blogger Lemming Leader said...

Thats kinda funny. Where I grew up the poor people ate rice and hamburger. I can't stand hamburger anymore.. None to fond of spaghetti either though.

4:49 PM  
Blogger Karen said...

Well the poor people I know of eat spaghetti because you can make a huge pot of it for like 4 dollars. And the other day on "My name is earl" (NBC) they were serving spaghetti -- which enforces it in my mind ;)

Of course last night I went to the store and bought the swirlie noodles to make with sauce. But it's not spaghetti. ;)

7:13 PM  
Blogger mama geekhead said...

I used to live "UP NORTH>" I was raised all around italians and polish and all the people I call the "melting pot." But mostly italian. Those swirlies, we called mostaccoli. Funny, we came here, the closest we could find was ziti. I loved mostaccoli too, we used to get it catered with roast beef for our luncheon/functions (hey, that rhymes.) --Hey, you watch "Earl"? Everyone gives me hell, but my 4 year old loves it! I just cover his hears when Joy comes on!

11:55 AM  
Anonymous karen said...

I never see the swirlies in resturants, but you can get them at the store. I've never had a problem finding them. I usually get the veggy ones that are white, green, and orange but they have white too. Get Barilla (in the blue box) -- martha stewart recommends it because it has special additive to keep the noodles from clumping together -- its cheap too.

And yes, Earl is hilarious. I love the black kids with the afros. And they have car seats strapped to the back of the pickup where they ride LOL

2:57 PM  
Blogger mama geekhead said...

OMG. When I used to visit down here, (before I moved to stay)we used to ride in the back of my uncle's pickup truck. One time, we put lawn chairs in the back, it was so funny, when he went around the corners, they would slide. Can you imagine? And now it's illegal? Where's all the fun gone? My child is doomed to a life with no fun! Just kidding.

4:06 PM  

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