Thin my ass!

Have any of you seen the Motorola Razr in person? Sure it looks wonderful on the commercials and websites. I've been lusting after one myself -- ask Steph. Then last night I was in Walmart shopping for t-shirt making materials (man you can get everything from brocolli to tampons to cell phones at walmart. Then you can have your film developed while you get your nails done). Anyway, so I see a Razr on the cellphone display. Well, I gotta check that shit out!

Dude, I have a notepad smaller than that thing. And I don't mean that in a sarcastic sense either. I mean I literally have a notepad smaller than that phone. It's huge! Who cares how thin it is when it's that wide and long? I picked it up to mimic talking on the phone with it and it just felt gross. It just felt gross. Horrible design. Horrible. And because it's so thin, it has no balance. Other clam phones are way smaller overall than the Razr. Hell, my cheap ass 30 dollar cell phone is a lot smaller than the Razr. Talk about advertising hype!

And the Slvr? You know the candy-bar version of the Razr? They had those too. Same thing. I know I have small hands, but I should be able to grip a cell phone. And the keys on the Slvr are all smushed together!

Man, I was seriously wanting one of those phones. I even froogled and searched around to see the best price I could get. I was seriously trying to figure out if I could possibly get one. Man, what a waste of time. Seriously, go LOOK at these things. Who cares how thin it is? Notecards are thin too -- but I don't want to hold one up to my ear and talk on it!


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